Contemporary Fiction Author

The theme for Andrea Rodgers is hope. Her goal is to provide a mental break, inspire and comfort. Join these Amazon reviewers as you tune out the world! If you'd like a signed paperback, please email 

"Held me captive!"

"Andrea Rodgers has the gift of beautiful storytelling and knows how to capture her audience."

"Quick, easy reads but with enough depth to sink your teeth in good."

"Andrea Rodgers does a great job of putting the reader right in the midst of the lives of the characters and gives the ability to feel all the different emotions they are feeling as the story unfolds."

"One of the best I've read in a long time."

"Andrea Rodgers illustrates the power of hope and faith in even the darkest and lowest points of one's journey."

"Thought provoking and endearing stories that will touch your soul. Andrea Rodgers is able to help you truly feel the heart breaks, challenges, and even triumphs of the characters. Will keep you turning page after page until you have read the very last one."